63-FKV6080 – FITTING KIT for Mitsubishi Pajero V60-V80

Fitting kit in combination with Upracks roof rack and Rhino racks legs kit.

This kit is a new solution to fit Upracks roof rack in combination of legs Rhino usually used only for Pajero Sport but fits perfectly.

The kit includes:
3 x 50-RL110MP
3 x 63-FKR
1 x 63-FKRAIL
Recommended  UPRACKS roof rack size : 63-211200

This roof rack has at its internal 5 crossbars, the 3 pair of legs with proper adapters fits on 1st, 3rd and rear 5th leg. On central and rear (5th) cross bars bolt leg 50-11RL110MP using the adapter 63-FKR upside down and bolt first the leg by a 40mm x M8 bolt instead the M10, then fit the other two bolts on 63-FKR adapters. DO not tight because you will bust adjust the width of the leg on the roof. See photo.

The crossbar n.1 in front doesn’t match the perfect alignment like the others and for that you need 63-FKRAIL in combination with 63-FKR.

We recommend to fit first central and rear legs, put the rack on the vehicle roof then start to fit the front attachments.

We have decided to upside down the central and rear 63-FKR to reduce the clearance between the roof and the cage. By this way the front 63-FKR fitted standard will match the right height.

Download Vehicle Application Chart