PLATE KIT TO BE FITTED BETWEEN CROSSBARS – PAIR (to be combined with 63-FKR if Rhino-Rack legs are used)
Adapter (2 pieces) which allows fitting and adapting UPRACKS roof rack to any vehicle by using any leg kits commercially available. We have especially designed this adapter to combine the specific leg kits manufactured by famous Rhino-Rack to our roof rack. In fact Rhino-Rack offers a great number of fitting kits for all those 4×4, SUV and Crossover vehicles having fixed attachment points on the roof and thus requiring specific applications. This kit consists of a connection bridge between crosspieces (see picture) and allows our UPRACKS roof rack to be easily adapted and connected to Rhino-Rack (or other) legs and hence to the roof.  A further advantage provided by this system is that you can choose a wider or longer-size roof rack than the standard one and you can position it more forward or backward according to your needs.  In fact, the adapter is attached by our rectangular bolts and can slide into the roof rack cross bar.  Following are some impressive examples of our solution. Important: if Rhino-Rack legs are used you need to purchase the special adapter 63-FKR.
The package includes 2 adapters, 4 rectangular nuts and respective bolts, and magnet. The adapter pair serves for one leg pair.


63-FKRAILTC TERMINAL ADAPTER TO RHINO RACK LEGS – PAIR (to be combined with 63-FKR if Rhino-Rack legs are used)
The FKRAILTC adapter is needed just as intermediate plate applicable only between the last bar and the frame of the roof rack.
Unlike the FKRAIL, this adapter is already provided in specific mounting kit or can be purchased in sets of 2 pieces if you want to move your Rhino-Rack feet on the outer parts of the roof rack. The FKRAILTC adapter must to be coupled to the 63-FKR kit, if you use Rhino-Rack feet.

Download the Vehicle Application Chart