Toyota – Prado 150 (PN:63-FKJ15J12)

This specific fitting kit is a valid alternative to fit our UPRACKS roof rack on Toyota Prado J150 without using specifics legs kit from RhinoRack. This new way to fit is really heavy duty.
The new part number of this kit is 63-FK004J150 and includes:
6 x 63-FKRAIL (totals 12 plates to be fitted between crossbars)
3 x 63-FK001 (total 3 pair of legs without foot base)
6 x roof adapter (special foot bases)

This kit suits perfectly UPRACKS roof racks p/n 63-2112  63-2112P  63-1712  63-1712P

How to fit?? Easy!!
1)     remove original bolts from the roof and pose new washers. New washes save the original plastic ring (photo 1-2)
2)     fit the new 6 x roof adapters (foot bases) using new bolts included. (photo 3)
3)     fit on the new roof adapters the 6 x FK001 legs without tighten. You will have to adapt their height later!
4)     On ground, fit between crossbars the plates 63-FKRAIL following approx the correct distance between legs in both way, length and width. (photo 4)
5)     Put on the roof top the roof rack finding out the right position between the crossbar plates and legs. Slide the roof rack forward or rewind finding your perfect position.
6)     First of all fit and tight all the bolts in connection starting from the centre of vehicle (middle legs first)
7)     Fit, bolt and tight the front legs and rear legs adjusting the height of the roof rack to get the best horizontal alignment. (photo 11)
8)     Due you will have more the 30 bolts and nuts, please double check the tighten.

Download Vehicle Application Chart