UPRACKS roof racks have been designed to meet any roof load requirement. [Some images of our production]
The sizes mentioned here below allow any type of application on all 4×4, SUV and Crossover vehicles. In fact, the various sizes available, configured in different lengths and widths, can be readily combined to any vehicle roof. Just check the effective surface area of your vehicle roof, and select the correct size of our UPRACKS roof rack to be fitted.
UPRACKS roof racks are made of 100% aluminium alloy, which results in reduced weight at the vehicle uppermost point: the roof.


It is essential to remember that when you drive off-road (but not only off-road!) the materials, equipment, and accessories carried should be well arranged both inside and outside the vehicle. The high weight materials should be arranged with their load centre as low as possible, while roof load should be reduced to the maximum extent to avoid dangerous swaying movements.  For example, an iron or steel roof rack is unfavourable due to its weight per se, which limits load capacity. Because UPRACKS roof racks have a very reduced weight they offer better load capacity. The maintenance manual provided by vehicle manufacturers usually provides specific information on the maximum load permitted and it is important to comply with such indications.
UPRACKS has been able to build roof racks which are as low as 14-34 Kg in weight according to roof rack specific sizes. Following is an example:
If a vehicle manufacturer specifies a 100 Kg maximum load capacity, the effective carrying capacity is the net weight derived by deducting the tare weight. Therefore, because an aluminium roof rack weighs only 25 kg, you can carry 75 kg materials on the roof; on the contrary an iron or steel roof rack weighs at least three times more, i.e. 75 kg, and would allow only 25 kg load to be carried on the roof!
UPRACKS roof racks can be fitted to the roof by special leg kits which are available for vehicles with and without gutter rails. In other words, we can offer all solutions for a proper fitting. Except for those vehicles having fixed attachment points on the roof (in which case we provide a proper customized kit), all the other vehicles can be equipped with our leg kits which are available in four different heights to be perfectly combined to all vehicle roofs. UPRACKS roof racks can be attached to the roof with solutions of 3-7 legs per each side; for this reason, leg kits are provided as a pair, thus offering the maximum freedom of choice.
The profiles which make up the frame, lower support and usable platform area of UPRACKS roof racks have a special slot which allows attachment for any materials and accessories by a special “slide-in-all” system; a special M8 rectangular nut slides into this slot, thus enabling all the accessories to be securely bolted.
UPRACKS roof racks, leg kits and accessories are all cataphoresis treated and then powder-coated in black colour; all nuts and bolts provided are fully made of stainless steel and galvanized iron. Upon request, we can provide a non-treated roof rack in polished natural aluminium.



63-1109       1079×907 mm    black aluminium
63-1109P    1079×907 mm    polished aluminium
63-1409       1432,5×907 mm    black aluminium
63-1409P    1432,5×907 mm    polished aluminium
63-1410       1432,5×1097 mm    black aluminium
63-1410P    1432,5×1097 mm    polished aluminium
63-1412       1432,5×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-1412P    1432,5×1287 mm    polished aluminium
63-1710       1786×1097 mm    black aluminium
63-1710P    1786×1097 mm    polished aluminium
63-1712       1786×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-1712P    1786×1287 mm    polished aluminium
63-1714       1786×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-1714P       1786×1477 mm    polished aluminium
63-1914          1950×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-1914 P    1950×1477 mm     polished aluminium
63-2112       2139,5×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-2112P    2139,5×1287 mm    polished aluminium
63-2114       2139,5×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2114P    2139,5×1477 mm    polished aluminium
63-2414      2493×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2414P    2493×1477 mm    polished aluminium
63-2814      2846,5×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2814P    2846,5×1477 mm    polished aluminium


Download the Vehicle Application Chart


To get a complete superior top rail that conforms perfectly to the external roof rack frame, you can order a complete set that has everything that you need to fit it.  This set is composed with front and rear frames, two sides frames, four bended frame corners and 12 supports (63-ASRFITS2) with inserts and bolts to connect the top rail to the roof rack.

Easy to order! For example if you need a complete Top Rail for a roof rack part number 63-1410 you just have to order 63-1410TR.

Parts 63-ASRFITS2 are also sold separately in pairs if you need more supports.

More! If you want to personalize your UPRACKS cage, you can also fit the top rail in two ways using this special support supplied! See the pictures! One way is bolt it on top and have a 45mm clearance between the roof rack and top rail. The other way is bolt the top rail inside the support in order to get your cage with a superior border. Try it!

63-1109TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1079×907 mm    black aluminium
63-1409TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1432,5×907 mm    black aluminium
63-1410TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1432,5×1097 mm    black aluminium
63-1412TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1432,5×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-1710TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1786×1097 mm    black aluminium
63-1712TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1786×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-1714TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1786×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-1914TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 1950×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2112TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 2139,5×1287 mm    black aluminium
63-2114TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 2139,5×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2414TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 2493×1477 mm    black aluminium
63-2814TR    COMPLETE TOP RAIL 2846,5×1477 mm    black aluminium


To customize your UPRACKS roof rack, you can fit a full or partial upper frame.
The list here below shows several possibilities to achieve the most suitable configuration to your needs.
The exploded-view drawing shows components in detail to provide a better understanding  and make sure you purchase the correct components for your configuration.



63-ASR100    PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.00 m – pair, black
63-ASR120    PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.20 m – pair, black
63-ASR150    PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.50 m – pair, black
63-ASR200    PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 2.00 m – pair, black
63-ASRQ       FRAME CURVE – pair, black
63-ASR75      FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -75 cm – suitable for 1477 cm width, black
63-ASR56      FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -56 cm – suitable for 1287 cm width, black
63-ASR37      FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -37 cm – suitable for 1097 cm width, black
63-ASR100P  PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.00 m – pair, polished
63-ASR120P  PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.20 m – pair, polished
63-ASR150P  PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 1.50 m – pair, polished
63-ASR200P  PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES – 2.00 m – pair, polished
63-ASRQP     FRAME CURVE – pair, polished
63-ASR75P    FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -75 cm – suitable for 1477 cm width, polished
63-ASR56P    FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -56 cm – suitable for 1287 cm width, polished
63-ASR37P    FRONT PROFILE WITH 3 GROOVES -37 cm – suitable for 1097 cm width, polished

Front profiles and frame curves are available in black colour powder coating or aluminium.


Profiles are available in black colour powder coating or aluminium.